And the record is...$104m.

I'm coming to this story late, I know, but here it is anyway. I'm researching a piece on whistleblowing for a magazine. Specifically I'm looking at the differences in approach between here and the US. The main difference I've found is that in the US whistleblowing can potentially turn you into a multi multi millionaire.
Bradley Birkenfeld earned himself a payout of $104m after spilling the inside story about tax evasion schemes at UBS. Yes that's right -$104m!
Some how this passed me by when the news emerged not too long ago (shame on me for not keeping up with the news).
Is it any wonder that the US perhaps sees a higher rate of whistleblowing than we do here in the UK? That's something to blow a whistle for.
Anyway, sorry if this isn't news to you but it impressed me.


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