CFOs on Youtube - Dell and Citi finance chiefs 'rock'

I was surprised to find this, (but now I think about it, I don't know why) - an article singing the praises of CFOs and CEOs for using Youtube as a medium for investor relations.  They apparently "rock".

Youtube is not just about cats falling off pianos, kids riding their bikes in dustbins and teenagers willing to get lude for their mates in front of a smartphone camera. No, Youtube is a serious tool for communication and these executives set out to prove it.

Which raises an interesting point. If you thought that communication was a second tier ability for CFOs, then think again. With tools like Youtube exposing us to the glare of publicity for all eternity, being able to communicate well - that is fluently, coherently and with clarity - is a primary skill. You're going to need to get your head out of the books, come out of your financial shell and start learning how to perform. The earlier you get the experience, the better. In fact its about time public speaking went on the curriculum for trainee accountants, that way embedding it in the very fibre of the profession.

The article dates from last year, so apologies for that. But well worth a look all the same to see how they're doing it at Dell, Novabase and Citi.


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