Rock hard - the new FD of Glencore Xstrata

Want to be finance chief at a $200bn company? Well, Trevor Reid, FD at Xstrata just won the lottery becoming the head of finance at the newly merged company, Glencore Xstrata.

He joined Xstrata in 2002 after cutting his teeth in banking and especially corporate finance. Interesting because there's an awfully big integration task ahead as the two companies come together. the deal will be huge but they will no doubt be hoping to make huge savings as a result. Which means Reid is only just beginning to get busy.

But it is a team move. Mick Davies, CEO at Xstrata, takes on the same role in the merged group. They know each other well, which should bode well.

In the past Reid has been noted as one of the highest paid FDs in the FTSE 100. One wonders what will happen to his pay now.


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