Distractions: Cricket, obesity, Big Data and life in the circus

Today’s Distractions - keeping me from doing some proper work. Actually, I've filed copy this morning so feel fairly relaxed about killing time. But not entirely.

Fat chance: The Economist is this week talking about obesity and its implications. Seems like a good business opportunity, if you’re in the health sector. Or, selling food full of saturated fats.
To watch the video click here
Ringmaster: Jerry Cottle, the one-time circus impresario, talks about his business ups and downs. Out of one hole he’s now in another running the caves at Wookey Hole.
See the film here
Information age: Want more data about your clients and customers? A top ebay manager and the man behind the iPhone talk about Big Data and using design to persuade customers to give up more of their personal info.
Click here.
Howzat!: The architect of the Indian premier cricket league talks trade to London Business School.
Click here.


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