Distractions: Motivation, revamping X-Factor, Favela sales and cursing Mad Men

Today’s Distractions

Not sure there's a link between the following. But they've grabbed my attention and took it away from my paid work. Which is ironic given that one of them is all about motivating workers. Prof Teresa Amabile says small amounts of progress keeps workers focused and on the up. I can get behind that. Especially as I work from home and suffer from debilitating freelancer's lassitude. Means only small amounts of progress are ever possible.
One man who has just made big progress is James Arthur, winner of this year's X-Factor and, even though he looks chronically world-weary, he found time to get involved in the debate about the future of the show. This is essentially a business issue - its strategy needs a revamp after audiences and caller showed signs of falling. Is the product broken? Or is it simply a marketing issue? Put it another way where do you think X-Factor in the product life cycle? It's a big one for Simon Cowell to address.

Pity he's not in Brazil where incomes are rising prompting more door to door sales activity in the country's favelas, traditionally the venues for gun battles between police and drug gangs. Direct sales though are helping some businesses boom.

Lastly, what are the values that marketeers seek in the artists they choose to help promote their products? Singer songwriter Tom Waits gives a lesson in brand values and damns the marketeers at the same time. 
See below.

Progress Principle: Prof Teresa Amabile on motivating your workers. (What about the self employed)? Click here.

Biting the hand: X-Factor winner James Arthur mumbles agreement that the show needs a revamp. The artist makes a business case for “authenticity”. Listen carefully and click here.

Doormen: Brazil sees rise of direct sales as favela dwellers witness their incomes climb. Click here.

Curse the marketeers: Singer/songwriter Tom Waits on why companies can forget about using his songs in their ads. Precisely the reason why they may want to use his, ...well, songs in their ads. Click here.


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